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The Chronicles of Zaraith (Urban Sci Fi)

This is a science fiction story about an alien wolf that crashes into a small urban community, which channels his world back home. This urban community turns out to be another dimension in the year 2060. While the characters are still being developed to set you up for a surrealistic dream like short story about the protagonist himself and his companion Yeutobi.

Character Design

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After dusting himself off, he first notices that solar powered tripods have replaced all other forms of transportation like electric cars, flying cars and even space craft. These look like spaceships with tall legs which were equipped for wide strides and powerful travel. Housing consists of mostly metallic shaped domes that perform automatic temperature adjustments. Nature is in complete harmony with itself as well as its surroundings. Ultimately, individuals have learned how to fully harness pain and use it as energy.

There were mini cameras impregnated by the branches on the trees. They could easily camouflage themselves here. It was unclear if these ecological watchtowers actually worked or not but the perception that they might was enough to ward off sub-normative behavior. During long periods of community inactivity, these cameras were deprived of the oxygen they needed for full coverage. The lenses then became easier to detect. When the community was active mid day, the cameras began to breathe as the contractions began. The lenses then settled under the hood of forest limbs like bubbles vanishing into silence.

In the mood of an aquatic underground, there were so different types of people living together yet they managed to live in perfect synchronicity. All different color jumpsuits (like schools of fish) passed by from muted yellow to purple to red and green. These were designed with the metallic that was left over from the creation of residential areas. These proved to be flexible enough to safe guard children from bruises as well as being standard wear for adults. Each suit had a unique symbol on it which was the emblem for each kingdom sect.

The distant horizon resembled coral sand dunes which began to reach into the sienna heaven. This was easily contrasted by teal nirvana, which came with a full feature line-up. Zaraith wondered how far away you could actually be and still see this terrestrial drive-in. It became more evident that the ground was logged off into mostly brown crater with long intermittent pathways specifically designed for walk, play, work and travel.

The aroma in the air seemed to oscillate between honeysuckle and rosewood. He was accosted by impulses such as taste and smell, who were fed from the astral realm. The incense played several medley's inside of his nose, by way of lateral receptors. These made it possible for him to hone in on low grade vibrations with a chronic fever. Although it was hard for his senses not to become entangled, he broke away from his observations.

The Adventures of Zaraith and Yeutobi

Their first stop was a convenient store where they were startled by a tantrum. They see a child with a large untamed Afro screaming in the mother's shopping cart, while his older sibling watches in silence. The angry child was wrestling with a box of morning breakfast cereal who couldn't decide if it wanted to stay or go. The child's mom searched for condiments like jam further down the aisle. Yeutobi immediately went over to the woman and says "take this child home and comb his hair so that he will act better." Realizing that it wouldn't take much for her baby to be a bum; the woman took him out of the store on her hip. "The lil' fool ain't got sense enough to know when he's tired," she mumbled. Embarrassment followed so closely behind them both that even Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs were probably homesick by now.

Zaraith felt anything but separation anxiety in the skin of his new surroundings. He so admired Yeutobi's ways which were in alignment with many of his own principles like perseverance, solidarity and compassion. These attributes led Qwataun into divine favor after a single lifetime of colonization under the Ashek'tua rule. Even the sternest rules of thumb are subject to cancellation when certain conditions are met. Apparently, Qwataun wasn't the only civilization to make this discovery and have a pool of examples to draw from.

They next pass by a community center for youth which was a breeding ground for talent. The teenagers there seem to descend like roaches into the ghetto's vitality. The sounds of Float on by the Floaters filled the air and the lyrics were more alive than they've ever been. Young men and women were savoring the music the same way the soul waters for peach cobbler, air brushed t-shirts and re-runs from Coolie High.

Next, there was woman across the street wearing the Garfield Park Conservatory as a diamond ring on the finger. It was given to her as an engagement ring. When hit by the right amount of light, the ring displayed hologram images that danced before you. They revealed the history of this cultural shrine from a racetrack, to a gentleman's club, to a slaughterhouse. The transformation of urban space was alive.

To the right was a talking wall covered in graffiti art. Zaraith went over to touch the painting and asked "how did you get here?" The wall replied, "one of the neighborhood kid's painted me 10 years ago." It's funny that fresh spray paint rubbed off on Zaraith's hand. This alien body art took the place of photos which no longer existed. He stood in awe looking at the imprint in his palm, which would eventually be downloaded to a computer database. This would provide full text articles for the daemon wolf elders to read more specifically about his brief visit.

They next pass a group of girls jumping double dutch. An older woman watched vehemently from the window while she testified. As the children jumped, they did tricks inside the turning ropes. These served as a way to portray their healing from accidents, violence, loss and betrayal that was otherwise incommunicable or unspeakable.

Zaraith was semi-aware of these slave narratives but watching the kids gave him clues into his own personal journey. In their interaction, he noticed that none of these girls had names which ended in the letter A. This was due to the fact that parents refused the ethnic tradition of giving these names to their daughters. They certainly didn't want to help these young women into the type of despondent or foggy group think, which contributed to their socio-economic terror sixty years ago. No longer watching where he was going; Zaraith stumbles into a bed of tulips that flutter beneath his feet. They carry him into the clouds where he was able to enjoy the delicacies of celestial splendor.

When the clouds gave him back, Yeutobi decides that it was time for them both to replenish their bodies. They go to her house where she prepares a wonderful meal. After eating, Zaraith was so tired that he had to rest. Hours passed with him just resting thinking about the day's events. The future even in another dimension manages to reinvent an awful lot of the past. He falls asleep on this notion. It drifts above the blueberry moon and he is slowly transported home.