The Nari Pages

Uncertainty, Faith, Determination & Resign


Writing for the high school newspaper somewhat changed my life. The creative tides were riding high and interviewing staff was a language of its own. Bringing two different communities into dialogue with each other was quite engaging. The fact that analytical skills tend to develop when you are confronted by the larger picture was simply the bonus.

College solidified these interests and picking classes always felt like buffet style dating; luckily none of them took it personally or charged me as an infidel. Having a graduate degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in history, political science, women and gender studies has been completely enriching.

My thesis offered a comparative analysis of HIV in mass media; in response to the love for social movements. Why HIV in mass media? I could blame it on being from Chicago where art, research, education and activism virtually pilots the city...but can be used as a gateway to examine other social ills such as racism, class-ism and sexism.

Counting on an equitable world best described me but sometimes you have to adjust the dream to keep it alive. There's little that could have honestly been done different, while remaining true to myself. Settling into the notion that a genuine way of living is always possible even if it is not within our reach; has been the most accurate conclusion to date.


A birthday party on the Westside of Chicago during the 1970's.

On vacation in Canada.

Staying with my best friend's family during winter break in undergrad. After 22 years, I'm just now seeing this photo but then again she just found it too.

Another colleague playing around with graphic design like we use to.

Random webcam shot somewhere around 2012.