I find myself struggling to be the creative vessel that once defined me. It's good to really run with it once that spark hits. Art can sometimes be a really good distraction, from everything else that is going on. It's good to use your ingenuity for your own piece of mind and as a comparison to past works.

My skills haven't motivated me to start accepting art commissions, since that might take the joy out of consolation. The tendency to be selfish with my artwork has been the going rate. Perhaps the inability to really be able to earn what one is worth creates some despondency and takes the incentive away. This is compounded by the fact that there is a lack of efficacy or ability to produce desired results in your life.

You study globalization in the ivory tower but never expect to graduate and be victimized by it. This trend is not just some 3rd world phenomena, despite all of the US rhetoric about democracy. The public interest continues to suffer at the hands of captured agencies like business firms, professional consortiums and labor unions.

Few guarantees are offered to us, when we are born. The fact is that you are owed an education in this country up to high school but you are not owed a living, a livable wage, less only a lifetime of employment (amazing how that works). Needless to say, situations like this make "living on your own terms" a bit of a misnomer.

The socio-political divide in the US is unlikely to go away anytime soon, which includes an evaporating middle class. We are constantly reminded that there is not much reckoning power, agency or independent influence for the average citizen. The current debate over net neutrality is another reminder that either the walls are closing in on us or we are simply being flushed out more forcibly these days.