The Extras

Games, Tests and Quizzes

  • Nariland-My gaming map.
  • Campaign Cartographer 2-Participating in this digital beautifying campaign intended for devout gamers.
  • Space Invaders- Browser or exe version of the original game.
  • Row Your Boat -A popular adage adapted for technology.
  • This is a Test-You'll just love this annoying little javascript.
  • Fruit Punch-A game made by my god baby Kristen. Good luck figuring out what the hell's going on with this coy little game.
  • Gem Bash-This is a hand-eye coordination style game also made by Kristen.
  • A Probability Game-You've just started your own investment firm...roll the dice to find out how you'll make out.
  • The Elephant Quiz-The Elephant Quiz
  • The Nari Quiz-These questions are strictly related to the extras page.


  • Javascript Tips-My old start up notes.
  • Math Animations-Uses maple 18 software to demonstrate the kinds of math animations that can be used for inclusion on your webpages.
  • The Golden Mean- A piece of art will have certain things placed in these spots to make it work. You can have the concept down and the idea but still need structure in the background. This helps to tie in all the pieces together instead of just hitting and missing. Sometimes just an object is needed to put it all into perspective.You can also create this with a piece of string attached to a sharp pencil on paper and rulers or even compasses. The second layout in first attachment is the basic structure that I reference most frequently. Consequently, you can turn it in many directions depending on the size of picture. These are 2 Layouts that I strive to use in my work. Again, these examples give us an idea about how it's suppose to work.

What Else Do I Have?!

  • Technology Quotes-Html or php version .
  • Favorite Links-Randomly gathered from the net.
  • A Hard Copy of My Thesis-Why "HIV in Mass Media?" Because you can use it as a gateway to examine other social ills such as racism, sexism and homophobia. See #3.
  • An Old Critical Response Paper-Looks at the works of Camus and Leroux as it relates to existential themes such as absurdity...pretty boring stuff.
  • An SCA Project-Comparing the difference between medieval and modern crossbows.
  • Doorway Pages-Snippets about the author.