Being trained by a colleague with two BFA's, makes the digital artist a product of her mentor's brilliance. Tracking therapeutic nuances, as if painting on canvas, is a transferable skill. With expressionism on the front lines, temperament becomes benevolent; making the gallery representation more than photorealistic smudge painting but less than 3D drawing.

As a 17th century adaptation, creating from the loins of human struggle and around the vanity of war is all there is. Coming face to face with the cackling wind, distressed trees and curated bushes after the dust happens with those rare signature pieces. Pushing the limit just became the consequence, in a bind.

The need to be multifaceted, in order to avert career suicide and remain marketable was pressing. While honing in on art; graphic design, web design, html/css coding and javascript programming hid in the backdrop. As a result, this aesthete is equipped to handle enhanced visual messaging.

Learning to use repetition, soft lines and the golden mean layout to work the composition has made a huge difference, over the span of about 10 years. The experience with producing digital artifacts to communicate has proved itself, as advantageous time and time again. This technique now places the bells and whistles on her true craft, which is professional writing.

Having an M.A. in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in history, political science, women and gender studies was personally enriching. Picking out classes always felt like buffet style dating, which was completely gluttonous. Luckily none of them took it personal or charged her as an infidel, since pursuit is the ultimate tenet.

Her thesis offered a comparative analysis of HIV in mass media; not only because art, research, education and activism pilots Chicago but because it can be used as a tool to examine social ills such as racism, class-ism and sexism. The untaken path recedes for someone who was initially accepted into the civil engineering graduate program at CSU Chico but the love for social movements won out.

The linear blueprint definitely suffered a blow to the ego for the major change but a spontaneous force doesn't have to undermine reason; necessarily. Life is predicated on the ability to spot that next hurdle and tackle demand full speed, regardless of location. Consequently, some of her articles have been featured by the US Department of Education, Counter Culture Magazine and Fire Dog Lake among others.

Whether the need is political commentary, marketing collateral, or consumer articles; this devotee understands the uniformity of information. Agreement between assumptions from different disciplines is no longer a philosophical improbability; but that's a job. Serving as a check point for comprehensive theory is rewarding but also has constraints.

When she hasn't been swallowed by a starving entity like her computer's wormhole, she can be found doing something enjoyable; besides reaching the other side. This might include soaking up the city's industrial art scene, ethnic food or K-love. Other services include hoarding cryptocurrencies, archery, pyrography, raising hell, eating chocolate and watching wrestling.