The author recognized that there are other skills that a freelance writer should have, in order, to keep themselves marketable; otherwise it might mean career suicide. Web design and coding hid in the backdrop, while she began to hone in on fine digital art. Needless to say, this admirer has passed the hobby threshold for multimedia design.

Her roaming flair and layout principles aspire to be more than just cookie cutouts across the land. The experience in creating digital artifacts has proved to be advantageous time and time again. This ability now places the bells and whistles on her true craft, which is actually writing.

Her M.A. in interdisciplinary studies gives this solid grounding, as the untaken path recedes. She was accepted into the civil engineering graduate program at CSU Chico but her love for social movements won out. Not everyone knows their destination is going to be from point a to b; however the linear mock up definitely suffers a blow to the ego for it.

Being a whimsical force doesn't have to undermine reason; necessarily. Life is predicated on the capacity to tackle demand full speed and to constantly be on the lookout for that next hurdle, regardless of where you are. As a result, her work has been featured by the US Dept of Education, Counter Culture Magazine, Fire Dog Lake and other publications.

Whether the need is marketing collateral, content analysis, qualitative research, political commentary or consumer articles; this devotee has a firm understanding of the uniformity of information. Agreement between assumptions from different disciplines is no longer a philosophical improbability; but that's work. Serving, as a check point for comprehensive theory is rewarding but also has its constraints.

When she hasn't been swallowed by a starving entity like her computer's wormhole, she can be found doing something enjoyable; besides reaching the other side. This might include soaking up Chicago's industrial art scene, gloating over ethnic food or listening to K-love. Other services include hoarding cryptocurrencies, archery practice, raising hell, eating chocolate and watching wrestling.