The Elephant Quiz

1. In 1903, Thomas Edison (blank) an elephant in order to prove that alternating current was hazardous.

2. An author died and a herd of elephants came to mourn the loss. What is the name of his book?

3. Are elephants carnivore or herbivore?

4. Elephants use (blank) to shield themselves from the sun's rays.

5. Elephants have been slaughtered by ivory poachers for what part of their body?

6. What part of the brain is attributed to the elephants' level of compassion or spatial awareness, which by far outrivals the human?

7. Where in the world is the largest single population of elephants who live in captivity (about 3,300)?

8. There is a ban on wild animal circus perfomances, True or False?

9. Scientists speculate that an elephant's trunk is made up of how many muscles?

10. This type of elephant does not run.

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