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An Intersection of Uncertainty, Faith, Determination and Resign

This is a personal academic website, which offers social commentary in the form of research and political art. These works are accompanied by my other creative projects such as sci fi, poetry, games and tutorials.

Creating Against the Backdrop

The Early Days

Nari was originally created during the 90's; a time when US households didn't spend more than 30 minutes a month surfing the internet. ICQ was the first major IM client, Geocities was breaking ground and user generated content such as My Space or Facebook hadn't become the driving force that it is today. Neatly manicured web pages were more focused on content than style and you could find these "learned" sites everywhere. It's safe to say that a lot of experiences have sprung forth, since then but can be used as a lens to view everything that we once romanticized.

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