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"Welcome to the Creationist's World: where you just 808 it."

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"Adventure Time"

"I Love you Mary Shelly G"

A glimpse of Spanish Armada

"Bust me down, Daryl"

Preparing for the white glove inspection

New species introduction

Westward expansion

Meet the Gang


*Kriyananda, Andrej Grabnar, Eric Klein, and Lynn Wallace-Mills. Duhovna Znanost Krija Joge = (The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga). Ljubljana: Gnostica, 2007. Print.
*Kriya UAn overview of Chicago's Kriya Yoga Temple, the oldest Yoga Teacher Training facility in the Midwest. Led by Goswami Kriyananda for more than 50 years, the Temple continues to offer yoga classes, teacher training, and Sunday fellowship on Kedzie Blvd, in Chicago.
*"National Anthem: The Chemical Brothers- Brothers Gonna Work It Out" Mix by David Pitt

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